Michael Zakkour

George Mason University School of Business Partner Michael Zakkour
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Founder & CEO of 5 New Digital


Michael Zakkour is the Founder & CEO of 5 New Digital, a digital commerce, retail and consumer journey consultancy and ecosystem, and China BrightStar, a China/APAC digital, consumer and market strategy firm. Michael is one of the world’s leading retail futurists, whose insights, innovations and predictions on the future of eCommerce, The New Retail Model, and digital commerce have shaped the narrative and reality of commerce in the 21st century.

Michael has advised hundreds of global brands, retailers, CPGs and manufacturers on developing and capitalizing on new business opportunities through digital transformation and consumer centricity. Michael’s reputation as a business and futurist and his practical strategies for change have made him an in-demand consultant, C-suite coach, corporate strategist and keynote speaker.