Programs, Events, Camps Serving Minors

Mason will allow Summer Day Camps for minors to operate for the 2021 Summer camp season.

Overnight camps are only allowed for those whose participants will earn Mason credit or are admitted Mason students.

Programs, events, and camps (PEC) must be held in compliance with guidance from University Policy 1103 Space Utilization and Scheduling, Commonwealth of Virginia Executive Orders, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance.



  • Face coverings must be worn per University Policy 1415.
  • Space must be configured to ensure that six feet of physical distance is maintained.
  • Exits must be configured to reduce bottlenecks when participants leave.
  • Participants must complete the Mason COVID Health survey and receive a “green light” status on the day of the event. Event organizers must confirm status during check-in prior to event entry.
  • Signs must be posted at entrances stating that no one with a fever or symptoms of COVID-19, or known exposure to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days, can enter.
  • Signs must also be posted with public health reminders on physical distancing, gatherings, options for high-risk individuals, and staying home if sick.
  • Staff and participants must have access to facilities to wash hands with soap and water, or be provided with alcohol-based hand sanitizers containing at least 60 percent alcohol. If the venue does not provide sanitizer, it is the responsibility of the event organizer to provide the sanitizers to participants.

Internal Camps

All internal camps must:

  1. Request space with Events Management via 25Live.
  2. Be approved by the PEC Executive Committee (both in-person and virtual camps).
  3. Be approved by the Events Exception Committee (EEC) if they are:
    • Sports/performing arts camps (involving physical activities, dancing, singing, and any musical instrument played with the mouth). 
    • Overnights camps for admitted Mason students or camps in which student participants receive Mason credit for successful completion of the program.
    • Camps referred by PEC Executive Committee or Events Management.

Additional Information and Resources:

External Camps

Direct requests to host an external, third-party, camps to Events Management. Please refer to the information provided on Mason’s general guidelines for events/gatherings webpage. 

    If you have questions or need more information, contact Risk Management.