Emergency Management Executive Committee

Members of Mason's Emergency Management Executive Committee (EMEC) are guiding development of the university's plan to enable our community to return to campus. 

EMEC Members
Julie Zobel (Chair; Reconstitution Manager; SEERM) Dave Farris (Continuity Coordinator; SEERM)
Lester Arnold, Human Resources Gregg Black, Safety, Emergency, & Enterprise Risk Mngt.
Kevin Borek, Information Technologies David Burge, Enrollment Management 
Aurali Dade, Office of Research Shannon Davis, Faculty Senate
Bill Dracos, Business Services Deb Dickenson, Fiscal Services
Joyce French, Safety, Emergency, & Enterprise Risk Mngt. Renate Guilford, Provost’s Office
Janette Muir, Provost’s Office Whitney Owen, Project Management, Business Services
Lisa Park, Student Health Rose Pascarell, University Life
Mike Sandler, Communications & Marketing Frank Strike, Facilities