FAQs: Face Coverings

What is a face covering?

Face coverings are masks that reduce the quantity and velocity of respiratory droplets emitted by the wearer when breathing, talking, or coughing.

A face covering must:

  • Cover both the nose and mouth of the wearer
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops
  • Include multiple layers of fabric
  • Allow for breathing without restriction
  • If not disposable, then be able to be laundered and machine-dried without damage or change to shape.

Additional guidance for selecting, wearing, and washing face coverings is provided by the CDC’s Use of Cloth Face Coverings to Slow the Spread of COVID19.

What are the requirements for wearing a face covering?

Everyone, even those who are fully vaccinated, must wear a face covering when inside university property (buildings and vehicles). For more information, read University Policy 1415.

How will Mason ensure compliance?

Compliance will be handled like any other university policy, standard, or guideline. A person refusing or failing to comply with the face covering policy might be asked to leave and be subject to disciplinary action.

Will Mason provide face coverings?

The university can provide face coverings to employees and students. Employees should contact Environmental Health and Safety to request a face covering.

Students can go to the Student Involvement Office in the HUB, Suite 2300, to get a mask.

Individuals may use their own face coverings, provided they meet requirements

I have a disability that may prohibit me from using a face covering. What should I do?

Speak to the appropriate office to request an accommodation.

Those offices will work with you to get an accommodation.

If I am wearing a face covering, do I also need to engage in physical/social distancing?

Yes, maintain 6 feet of distance even if you're wearing a face covering. 

Are face coverings required while riding a Mason Shuttle?

Yes, you must wear a face covering, whether you have been vaccinated or not. It will decrease respiratory secretions on surfaces within the Mason Shuttle.

Are face coverings required while in a university vehicle or golf cart? What if I'm in my own car on Mason business?

You must wear a face covering in any indoor defined space owned or controlled by the university, including a vehicle or golf cart if more than one person is inside.

If you're alone in your own car, you do not have to wear a mask.