Reporting Illness

It’s vital that Mason receive reports of positive results or exposure to COVID-19 among members of our community.   

Faculty, staff and students who test positive, have been diagnosed, are symptomatic, or have had exposure to COVID must report their status through the Mason COVID Health Check.  

 Mason reports positive test results performed on campus to the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) and the health department near the person's residence. 

Positive tests are also reported to Mason entities responsible for initiating response actions, such as deep-cleaning spaces.   

If you get a positive result from a test performed off-campus, you must report it through the Mason COVID Health Check.  

Contract employees must report positive results to their employers, who will notify contract administrators.   

Virginia law requires Mason to notify local health departments of confirmed or suspected cases. The health department will notify any faculty, staff, students, visitors, or contractors of their possible exposure. Mason will keep the identity of the person with the confirmed/suspected case confidential. 

Mason maintains a log of all employee cases, and when two or more on-campus employee cases are reported within the same department within a 14-day period, the university will notify the Virginia Occupational and Safety and Health Administration (PDF) and the VDH.