Mason residential and retail dining locations are open. We’ve implemented several safety precautions.

Residential Dine-In Facilities 

On the Fairfax Campus, Southside and Ike’s will follow precautionary protocols.    

  • All guests must have a green Mason COVID Health Check status.
  • Tables will be cleaned periodically throughout the day, as needed.  
  • Multi-touch self-serve food and drink options such as buffets, salad bars, and drink stations will be phased back into service.
  • Some stations will offer made-to-order meals prepared by a station attendant.
  • One-touch capabilities will be cleaned by dining staff every 30 minutes.  
  • Hand-sanitizer stations will be available throughout dining halls.  
  • Microwaves and toasters will be available in the residential dining halls, and disinfectant wipes will be available to wipe down high-touch areas between uses  
  • To the extent possible, technology will be used to reduce person-to-person interaction including ordering, contactless payment and check-in options.
  • Self-service grab-and-go meals will be available in Gold Rush @ South Side Dining Hall.  
  • Stanchions and floor decals, specifically placed to manage customer queuing, will be removed. 

 Retail Dining 

Retail facilities will follow the guidelines set for residential dining where applicable. ​​​​

  • Self-service ordering kiosks are open at some dining locations, and disinfectant wipes will be available to wipe down high-touch areas between uses.  
  • Contactless payment options will be available for patrons with meal plans, Bonus, Freedom, and/or Mason Money funds.  
  • Samples of food and drinks can be offered.
  • Most retail dining locations will offer delivery and pick-up services utilizing Starship robots and Grubhub Campus.  


  • Use a university-approved caterer. Sodexo is Mason’s preferred on-campus catering company 
  • All Mason employees must have a green Mason COVID Health Check status. 
  • Dining employees and Mason attendees/employees should follow University Policy1415 COVID Public Health and Safety Precautions – Face coverings.   
  • Dining will provide hand sanitizer and disposable gloves, if desired.
  • Dining employees and attendees must have access to handwashing stations.  
  • Servers will avoid touching items on tables while customers are seated. Dedicated staff will remove all items from the table when attendees leave. 
  • Rolled silverware will be used rather than table presets, if preferred.
  • Food service employees will monitor and clean high-touch areas while in operation. 
  • Transport containers will be cleaned and sanitized between uses. 
  • Food packages will be sealed to safeguard the integrity of contents.