Student Organization Mission

The mission of the Student Chapter is to contribute toward fulfillment of AFCEA's official mission as stated below. Thus our mission is:

  1. To promote a forum between Industry and the University community for information exchange, learning, and networking.
  2. To encourage partnership between Technology Companies and GMU for the purpose of advancing education in the C4I technologies. This includes: demonstrations, speaker presentations--lectures on subjects of interest to students, scholorship and networking opportunities, joint research projects, promoting internships.
  3. To have fun learning and discussing interesting topics relative to Computer Science, Engineering and Information Sciences. This includes: any and all communications technology--i.e., Internet, wireless, etc., and absolutely anything students care about discussing pertaining the what they are studying and what is happening in the rapidly evolving information technology industry.

AFCEA-NOVA Mission Statement

The Northern Virginia (NOVA) Chapter of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) has a long standing tradition of supporting the advancement of excellence in technology, professionalism, and education as they relate to the vital areas of command, control, communications, computers, intelligence (C4I), electronics and information systems.

AFCEA is a professional association chartered in Washington, D.C. as an educationally-oriented, non-profit, technical society. Its mission is:

  1. To promote industry-government cooperation in developing effective C4I capabilities, including the development, manufacture and operation of equipment and systems, and provision of services in communications, electronics, computers, intelligence systems, command, control and technical photography;
  2. To foster strong Armed Forces and national C4I organizations;
  3. To contribute to the professional development of those serving in C4I field;
  4. Through these activities, to further the security and military preparedness of the United States, its allies and the Free World.

To accomplish its mission, the association provides the AFCEA forum-the environment wherein government and the military can discuss their requirements and industry can display their products and technology, and educate others regarding scientific and technological advances applicable to government requirements.