The Civil Engineering Honor Society


  • 04/12/11 - Chi Epsilon members attended the annual ACI awards and dinner event

    Travis Brown, Kristen Stevens and Glenn Reese attend a dinner hosted by the National Capital Chapter of the American Concrete Institute (NCC-ACI) on April 12th, 2011. Travis Brown was the GMU awardee for his educational achivements in reinforced concrete design. All schools in the Washington metro area were represented at the dinner.

  • 04/07/11 - Annual election of officers was held
  • Elections of new officers was held on April 04th at 7:00 pm in the Engineering Building, room 2608. The following officers are voted in a closed ballot:

    Daniel L. Lavarnway– President
    David J. McGraw– Vice President
    Matthew R. Katon – Treasurer
    Gina M. Goettler – Secretary and Associate Editor
    Soroush Fakhriyazdi – Marshal

  • 05/02/10 - Official installation of Chi Epsilon

    The George Mason University Chapter of Chi Epsilon is officially installed on May 2, 2010 with the presence of the National Council President (Dr. Dee Ann Sanders), the Cumberland District Councillor (Dr. Gregory Reed) and Executive Secretary of the National Council (Dr. Thomas Petry). CEIE Faculty, Dr. Mark Houck, Dr. Sharon deMonsabert and Dr. Girum Urgessa also attended the event. Members of the local Civil Engineering Honor Society (CEHS) were officially inducted into Chi Epsilon. Chi Epsilon believes that a mark of distinction should be placed on the undergraduate who has upheld the honor of the department by high scholastic ability, and that a society with the broad principles of scholarship, character, practicality, and sociability would be an incentive to greater achievements in the civil engineering profession. 26 students were inducted into the societyChi Epsilon.

  • 04/01/10 - Election of officers was held
  • Elections of new officers was held on March 31st at 6:00 pm in the Engineering Building, room 2608. After each candidate spoke of his or her qualifications and vision for the new chapter of Chi Epsilon, all current members voted in a closed ballot. The results of the elections are:

    Mariana Cruz – President
    Kristen Stevens – Vice President
    Travis Brown – Treasurer
    Trevor Hughes – Secretary
    James Milliken – Marshal

    Congratulation to the new 2010-2011 officers, and the first official Chi Epsilon officers!

  • 03/13/10 - Chi Epsilon delegates approved GMU Chi Epsilon Chapter

    The 2010 Chi Epsilon conclave delegates unanimously approved the formation of the George Mason University Chapter of Chi Epsilon. The GMU Chapter became the 136th Chapter of Chi Epsilon. CEHS President, Karim Shalaby, attended the conclave at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa on Mar. 11th - 14th.

  • 02/12/10 - National Council of Chi Epsilon approved CEHS petition to form Chi Epsilon
  • The National Council of Chi Epsilon approves the formation of the George Mason Chapter of Chi Epsilon. Conclave delegates are schedule to cast a vote on the petition on March 13.

  • 01/25/10 - CEHS submitted petition documents to Chi Epsilon

    The Civil Engineering Honor Society submitted a petition to join Chi Epsilon, the National Civil Engineering Honor Society. CEHS sent out clarifications and corrections on constitiution and bylwas on January 25.

  • 12/11/09 - New members are inducted

    On December 11th 2009, the Civil Engineering Honor Society inducted eighteen new civil engineering students, in recognition of their outstanding scholastic and extracurricular achievements. These students have distinguished themselves within the Civil, Environmental, and Infrastructure Engineering (CEIE) department at GMU and demonstrated a great a deal of academic excellence, leadership, and inspiration to all students in the department. The induction ceremony was held in the Atrium of the New Engineering Building at George Mason University with the presence of the CEIE Department Chair, Dr. Deborah Goodings, the CEIE faculty, a group of CEIE students, and other invitees.

  • 11/09/09 - CEHS organized a tour of NGA construction

    CEHS organized a construction tour of the new multi-billion dollar National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency facility in Fort Belvoir, Virginia. This design build project is led by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The tour encompassed a guided walk though of the main building, and a tour of the whole site observing infrastructure design, utilities placement, and the construction of roads and two bridges.

  • 09/30/09 - CEHS organized a tour of I-495 HOT Lanes construction

    CEHS organized a tour to the I-495 HOT Lanes Construction. Four CEHS members attended the tour, as well as two faculty members and four guest students.

  • 09/28/09 - CEHS members attended the GMU-ASCE Chesapeake Bay boat tour

    Three members of CEHS attended the GMU-ASCE Chesapeake Bay boat tour in Baltimore. The tour focused on the significance of environmental issues in the bay.

  • 08/01/09 - Mariana Cruz, CEHS member, currently on study abroad program in Peru

    Mariana Cruz traveled to Peru on a civil engineering study abroad program. Mariana is attending civil engineering classes at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas in Lima.

  • 05/14/09 - CEHS is now a GMU recognized society

    The student involvement office at George Mason University approved the constitution and bylaws of CEHS. CEHS is now a recognized society at Mason.

  • 04/16/09 - Karim Shalaby and Tony Hambrick, CEHS members, attended the ASCE Regional Conference

    Karim and Tony were members of the GMU-ASCE 2009 Steel Bridge team which competed among other schools in the ASCE/AISC Regional Steel Bridge Competition.

  • 01/29/09 - Tony Hambrick, CEHS member, attended the GMU-ASCE annual trip

    Tony Hambrick, a founding member of the Civil Engineering Honor Society, participated in the GMU-ASCE educational trip to Germany.

  • 12/05/08 - Founding member inductions

    Ten students were inducted to the Civil Engineering Honor Society for their distinguished scholastic achievement in the civil engineering department, and marked the start of the new society. The induction was held during the ASCE Fall Banquet in the presence of the civil engineering faculty and invited students.


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