Hydrogen Delivery System Project


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Problem Statement: Cost effective and feasible methods to deliver hydrogen to consumers for use in automobiles does not exist.

Mission: Develop a feasible architecture and investment strategy for a hydrogen distribution system for anticipated usage between 2015 - 2025.

Goals for Hydrogen Delivery: By 2017, Cost of hydrogen delivery from the point of production to the point of use in vehicles or stationary power units <$1.00 per kg of hydrogen in total or $0.01 / mile @ a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle mileage of 100 miles / gallon of gasoline equivalent (gge). 1,2 It is expected that the overall delivery costs will be the largest cost contributor to the hydrogen retail cost.


Roles and Responsibilities: The Hydrogen Team is taking on the role of an oil company that is looking to add Hydrogen Energy to the company product portfolio and establish a supply chain for distribution of Hydrogen for consumer Fuel Cell Vehicles (FCVs), similar to current vehicle fuel distribution system:

The Hydrogen Team will perform analysis in this oil company role in order to support a business case and investment strategy.

The Hydrogen Team will develop a business / technology strategy and architecture to:

Determine Risks, Requirements, Refine Goals

Drive investments in technology areas in order to meet target goals

Drive organizational decisions on investment via a business case