Technical Models

Our model to assess the technical performance of Biometrics Enterprise Enterprise Architecture is represented below. We constructed two models to test the “As-Is” and the “To-Be” implementations of the Border Patrol Use Case. You can click on the images to see corresponding images of our Arena model and to view short videos of the Border Patrol Use in action.

We recorded our requirements in CORE® a model-based system engineering (MBSE) tool. You can see screen shots of some of the results and you can download our model and run it yourself. in CORE.

We implemented the models we built in CORE® in Arena®, another MBSE tool. Arena® is a process modeling tool that allows performance and throughput analysis. We implemented our project’s Border Patrol Use Case in Arena as an executable model. You can see screen shots of the basic model, plus you can download the model and run it in Arena.