This is the website for the UCATS project. This project was completed for the Fall 2009 SEOR 798 Systems Engineeing Applied Project Course class at George Mason Univerisity (GMU).

Problem Statement

Tracking Targets of Interest (TOIs) in densely populated areas present unique and difficult problems when ensuring public safety and security. Coordinating airborne UAVs to incept and track a TOI in an urban environment is time consuming and labor intensive.

Mission Statement

The Unmanned Control & Tracking System (UCATS) is a command and control system designed to route Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAVs) to Targets of Interests (TOIs), monitor the UAV location, and redirect the UAVs when new tasking arrives. The primary mission of the UCATS is to recommend which airborne UAVs should track TOIs and then direct the UAVs on a TOI intercept course, monitor UAV position, and redirect the UAVs as new TOI tasking becomes available. The goal of UCATS is to reduce manpower from five operators to a single operator and reduce mission planning time from 45 minutes to 15 minutes or less.