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(In order from left to right in the photo)

Frances Britton is the Requirements and Compliance Team Lead, System Engineering Group Lead, and Surface to Surface to Surface Missile Integration Engineer for for the Missile Integration branch at NSWCDD. She is responsible for independent tracing and requirements verification efforts for various missile systems, developing requirements for the Littoral Combat System, and ensuring the proper integration of the surface to surface missile into LCS. Along with her system engineering tasks, she also leads other system engineers in the missile integration branch providing mentoring, guidance, and advice as needed on career goals and objectives. Frances was able to bring both my requirements engineering back group and my group lead experiences to work with the SE Rockets team to make this Systems Engineering project a successful effort.

Cassie Bazemore is a test engineer for the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) group at NSWC Dahlgren. She is familiar with grounding/shielding techniques used to protect systems from the upsets of electromagnetic threats. She also has experience in troubleshooting and maintaining various types of electronic systems as a former electronics engineer with NAVAIRDEPOT. Bringing in this expertise enables her to assist in the success of this project.

Adam Ramers is an engineer in the Maritime Protection and Security Engineering branch at NSWC Dahlgren. His current work activities relate to the rapid development and deployment of new systems for both Navy and non-Navy customers. In this role, Adam provides Mechanical Engineering, Systems Engineering, and Project Management leadership and assistance on multiple projects. Prior to transferring to Dahlgren, Adam was a Technical Direction Agent (TDA) for the Total Ship Monitoring System (TSMS), a submarine own-ship acoustic monitoring system, at NSWC Carderock.

Jeeno Chandy is the Electromagnetic Environmental Effects (E3) test engineer for the E3 assessement and evaluation branch at NSWCDD. In the Testing and Evaluation (T&E) group of the branch, he is responsible for directing/conducting Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance (HERO) and Electromagnetic Vulnerability (EMV) tests for military systems. Along with his E3 testing responsiblilites, he also works with the HERO Program Manager (PM) in managing HERO datasheets on E3 Team Online (U.S. Navy website). Jeeno brings both his military and civilian experiences to work as a SE Rockets team to make this Systems Engineering project a successful effort.