2011-2012 University Catalog 
2011-2012 University Catalog

School of Public Policy

3351 Fairfax Drive, MS 3B1
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-993-2280
Web: policy.gmu.edu
E-mail: spp@gmu.edu
College Code: PP

Rooted in the strong democratic government traditions of the commonwealth of Virginia, the School of Public Policy (SPP) is committed to transcending traditional conceptual boundaries of research and teaching by integrating real-world experience and problem solving into public policy education. The school’s programs focus on the interplay of culture, organizations, and technology to find alternative approaches to public policy decisions and policy making. Teaching and research are focused on the following principal themes: governance; regional and economic development; international commerce and policy; science and technology policy; transportation policy; entrepreneurship; and culture and values in public policy.

SPP contributes to new and innovative concepts in policy formation while building on the fundamental, pluralistic, and democratic characteristics of policy making in the United States. SPP endorses creativity and responsibility in governance, public management, and the development of economic policy.


Edward Rhodes, Dean
Ann C. Baker, Senior Associate Dean
Jonathan L. Gifford, Associate Dean for Research and Development
Matthys van Schaik, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
William H. Coester, Assistant Dean for Human Resources and Planning
Elizabeth C. Eck, Assistant Dean for Program Management
Jill V. Emerson, Assistant Dean for Student Services


Acs, Addleson, Anacker, Armor, Auerswald, Baker, Button, Davidson, Dinan, Earle, Fauntroy, Finkelstein, Frendak-Blume, Fritschler, Fuller, Gifford, Goldstone, Hart, Haynes, Heineman-Pieper, High, Hughes Hallett, Kelley, Ketkar, Koizumi, Listokin, Malawer, Mayer, McNeely, Olmstead, Perry, Petersen, Pfiffner, Rajan, Reinert, Root, Rozell, Rudder, Ruth, Schintler, Schneider, Shelley, Sibley, Sommer, Stough, Thatchenkery, Tolchin, van Schaik, Wedel, Zolnik

Associate Faculty

Avruch, Bernold, Conlan, Donahue, Flood, Frase, Friesz, Guagnano, Heclo, Hennessey, Mahler, Paden, Regan, Scimecca

Research and Term Faculty

Benson, Davis, Deitz, Habayeb, Hayden, Kulkarni, LaPorte, Malur, McClain, Nicogossian, Paelinck, Pommerening, Riggle, Robb, Sturtevant, Thachuk

Adjunct Faculty

Clendenin, DiGiulian, Gaske, Gianturco, Gordon, Kewley, Miller, Muhlhausen, Pasurka, Rogowsky, Stabile, Sullivan, Thompson

Faculty Emeritus

Hill, Kash

Course Work

SPP offers courses designated PUBP, ITRN, ODKM and TELE in the Courses  chapter of this catalog.

Law and Public Policy, Joint Degree Program

The School of Public Policy and the School of Law offer a joint JD/MPP degree program in law and public policy studies. For more information, go to  www.law.gmu.edu/academics/llm.html

Academic Policies

Students should become familiar with the university’s general academic policies in addition to those specific to each academic unit.  Please see the Academic Policies  section of the catalog.

Student Appeal and Grievance Procedures

The School of Public Policy has student appeal and grievance procedures laid out in its bylaws.  These are based on George Mason University’s honor system.  Students are responsible for understanding the provisions of the code that are described in detail in this catalog.

Students may appeal decisions concerning academic actions (excluding termination or dismissal) in writing to the Assistant Dean of Student Services, who will consider the merit of these appeals in consultation with the relevant program director.  Decisions of the Assistant Dean of Student Services may be appealed to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, whose decision is final.

Grade appeals are made to the Dean.  Students should contact the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in writing to initiate the process.  The Dean’s decision is final.

There is no right to appeal an automatic termination/dismissal itself.  However, a student may be entitled to appeal the grade that leads to the automatic termination/dismissal, or a reconsideration of the grade that led to this situation, either of which may result in not going forward with the termination/dismissal.

A student who is dismissed from the program for any other reason may appeal the decision to the Dean.  This appeal must be in writing and must be received within 30 calendar days of the date on the notice of dismissal or termination.  The Dean will appoint a committee to review the appeal.  This committee will make a recommendation to the Dean concerning the appeal.  The Dean will make a final determination.  This determination may not be appealed.

Students with grievances should direct them in writing to the Assistant Dean for Student Services, who will provide guidance on how to resolve their concerns in accordance with established university procedures.

Research Centers

Center for Aerospace Policy Research
Director: Kenneth J. Button, PhD

The mission of the Center for Aerospace Policy is to develop the U.S. aerospace sector by providing educational and research resources. The center helps national agencies, such as NASA, enhance their internal efficiency and smooth the interface between U.S. agencies and other government agencies, the private sector, and foreign counterparts.

Center For Emerging Market Policies
Co-Directors: Andrew Hughes-Hallet, DPhil and Ramkishen Rajan, PhD

This center aims to be a premier research and teaching hub on international commerce, economics and public policy issues relating to emerging markets.  It leverages Mason’s and the School of Public Policy’s considerable expertise on and interest in emerging markets to promote pioneering applied research on emerging markets in Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, Latin America and elsewhere.

Center For Energy Science and Policy
s:  David M. Hart, PhD and Allison McFarlane, PhD

This center, a joint initiative of the College of Science and School of Public Policy, provides objective analysis of key issues in the energy field that is grounded in original research. It serves as a center of gravity for the many researchers at George Mason whose work engages them with these issues and connects them with decision-makers in the economy, society, and government.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy
Director: Zoltan Acs, PhD

Economic development policy has shifted dramatically from a business and industry attraction strategy to a more entrepreneurial approach. The Center for Entrepreneurship and Public Policy focuses on entrepreneurship policy research and program delivery, offering programs in research, collaboration, and analysis.

Center for Global Policy
Director: Jack Goldstone, PhD

This center conducts research on a wide range of global policy issues, including foreign trade, democratization and statebuilding, and transnational networks. It also analyzes specific policy issues for a variety of government agencies, and develops and serves as the home to several major cross-national databases for global policy.

Center for Regional Analysis
Director: Stephen Fuller, PhD

Focusing on economic development in technologically intensive regions, the Center for Regional Analysis (CRA) maintains a corporate technology database for the national capital region. The CRA provides economic forecasting services to government agencies at all levels around the world.

Center for Science and Technology Policy
Director: David M. Hart, PhD

This center helps facilitate the exchange of information and ideas among the worldwide science, foreign affairs, trade, and technology communities. Areas of emphasis include international trade and science and technology.

Center for the Study of International Medical Policies and Practices
Director: Arnauld Nicogossian, MD

This center provides leadership and focus on global medical and public health policies and processes, working collaboratively with health, science, and medical organizations in the public and private sectors, and academic organizations to address pressing global policy concerns.

Center For Transportation Policy, Operations and Logistics
Director: Kenneth J. Button, PhD

This center works with federal and state authorities to find better ways to manage existing transport networks from surface to air to space. The center is active in the areas of intelligent transportation systems and aviation policy.

International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology
Director: Stephen Ruth, PhD

The International Center for Applied Studies in Information Technology (ICASIT) is a consulting group dedicated to delivering the power of the Internet to businesses, underserved markets, and developing countries. ICASIT has contracts in more than 20 countries.

State Economic Development Center
Director: Kingsley E. Haynes, PhD

This center’s focus is on providing education, training, and research support for state-level economic development policy and programs. While the primary goal is to provide assistance to agencies and organizations in Virginia, the center also works with other government organizations in the United States as well as abroad. Methods employed by the center include roundtable discussions, formal focus groups, survey research, statistical analysis, and  mathematical models. 

Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center
Director:  Louise I. Shelley, PhD

The Terrorism, Transnational Crime and Corruption Center (TraCCC) is the first center in the United States devoted to understanding the links among terrorism, transnational crime and corruption. The center teaches, researches and formulates policy on these critical issues.  TraCCC accomplishes its mission through international research partnerships engaging in fundamental and applied research projects. Research addresses such diverse concerns as national security, economic development and human rights.

Transportation and Economic Development Research Center
Director:  Brien Benson, PhD

The Transportation and Economic Development Research Center is a University Transportation Center, funded by the Research and Innovative Technology Administration of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Center conducts research in transportation finance, transportation and land use, and entrepreneurship and innovation in transportation.


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