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Main history sites

The Wild Geese (alot of information)
Irish History on the Web (many links and alot of information)
World History Gateway
The Path to Peace (Irish Times 30-year peace process chronology)

Original Documents and sources

Celtic Electronic Texts
Irish Peace Process Documents
Multilateral Documents
American Conference of Irish Studies
Progressive Law Students (original documents)
Foreign and International Law (original documents)
Human Rights Documents
British Government (official documents)

Sites with many links or information

Irish National Information Server
Irish Internet Hub (alot of links)
Dianne's Page About Ireland (all kinds of links)
Celtic Web
Irish Net
Free Eire
UCD Politics Department: Irish politics and resources
The Irish Interest Group Home Page
UK Centre for Criminal Justice
Northern Ireland Directory
Republic of Ireland's government site
Sinn Fein Home Page
British Government
United Nations
CAJ Home Page
The Pat Finucane Centre

Specialized Sites

Michael Collins Website
Michael Collins (another site)

Information on Prisoners

Irish Political Prisoners of War Page
H-Block Four Page
Hunger Strike Web Project
POW Page
The Bobby Sands Diary

Sites on James Connolly

James Connolly Society Site
James Connolly
Connolly-Larkin Site

Good historical essays

An Scanthan
Ireland 32 Journal

Items of Interest

Belfast Street Map
Irish Historical Movies
Kenny's Books Online (good selection of history books)
"The Committee" - a 'must have' book on contemporary history


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