Applied Developmental Psychology Student Group

Travel Funding

As a service to Applied Developmental Pschology graduate students, ADPSG provides assistance for professional development through funding for travel to conferences via Mason's Travel Office.

Browse through the ADPSG Calendar of Events for pertinent conference dates and locations for the upcoming year. 

*Remember that ADPSG is not the only source of funding! The Graduate Student Travel Fund is another posibility to consider. Some professional organizations offer travel funding. Some conferences offer travel funding.

Funding Sources 


The deadline for submission of materials is two weeks prior to your travel date. *Authorizations submitted after the trip will not be accepted.

Before travel: Email the ADPSG treasurer as soon as possible to notify her of any conferences that you are interested in attending. She will create a budget and notify students of any monetary awards that will be made.

Log into Mason's Travel Request System. First-time users might find the Getting Started guide helpful. Initiate Authorization and Print Authorization. Submit the authorization to the ADPSG treasurer.

During travel: Keep all travel documentation (receipts, boarding passes, etc) ? you will need to submit originals after your trip. Make copies for yourself and KEEP EVERYTHING! Receipts must be itemized!

A check will be sent to you from Mason's Travel Office, but this can take awhile.

Graduate Student Travel Fund:

You may apply for one conference per fiscal year, which runs from July 1st to June 30th.

The Graduate Student Travel Fund recently (May 2012) updated their procedures. Please follow the updated procedures here.