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USPS Capstone Project

USPS Capstone Project

Fall 2013
Team Members: Dallas Kuchel, Efrain Reyes, Matthew Stirling

Systems Engineering
Dynamic Routing Model

Systems Engineering

The Systems Engineering (SE) aspect of this project addresses the need of the USPS to better understand the requirements and process for implementing a dynamic delivery solution. The intent of this approach is to apply SE principals to accomplish the following objectives with respect to providing input to the USPS.

  1. Provide a concise list of high-level functional requirements to focus ongoing efforts as well as provide a starting point for future development efforts.
  2. Provide a basis for risk analysis in determining prioritization of system capabilities and features.
  3. Provide a template by which the USPS can determine suitability of potential solutions, both third party and internal.

The SyRS and CONOP can be bound in the Final Report on the Documents Tab.