Growth & Development at the E.D.G.E.

Problem Statement

One unique aspect of the EDGE program that distinguishes it from similar programs at neighboring universities is that it is a self-supporting program. This means that all of the programís revenue is used to cover operating costs and staff salaries. It is the only program under the GMU Recreation department that is not directly supported by the Recreation budget.

Currently, the university has plans for expanding the academic facilities at the Prince William campus. Consequently, there will be less available space for the EDGE programís components there and an increased urgency for a transition plan.

Given the EDGEís current budget structure and projected growth and development of the Prince William campus, Mason Recreationís EDGE program is in need of a 10-year plan to transition the program to the Fairfax campus, while achieving a breakeven budget. This 10-year plan is subject to the development and funding constraints of the university.

Project Objectives

Facilitate Growth and Development of the EDGE at Science and Technology campus

  • Analyze alternatives that allow for the EDGE to operate at a breakeven budget
  • Evaluate current pricing structure and explore variations to increase revenue while serving more students
  • Preserve programming structure for external (non-student) programs
  • Represent correlation between University objectives and EDGE objectives
  • Facilitate Growth and Development of the EDGE upon arrival at Fairfax campus

  • Evaluate opportunities to serve more students
  • Map the partnership of academic and student organization participation in EDGE programming
  • Determine EDGE values and evaluate against current and future goals