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  1. Tracking gunfire with a smartphone
  2. Past GMU Projects
  3. REMM: Radiation Emergency Medical Management
  4. Crowd Risk Analysis and Crowd Safety: Crowd Dynamics - Prof. Still's PhD Thesis (2000)
  5. Crowd Risk Analysis and Crowd Safety: Fruin - levels of service
  6. Crowd Risk Analysis and Crowd Safety: Static crowd density (general)
  7. Great Circle Calculator
  8. Calculate distance, bearing and more between two latitude/longitude points
  9. The Santa Parade 300,000 (or not)
  10. The Curious Science of Counting a Crowd
  11. Static and Dynamic Crowd Densities at Major Public Events
  12. Crowd Density Considerations
  13. Building a Sensor Network of Mobile Phones
  14. Location and Mobility in a Sensor Network of Mobile Phones
  15. Transforming Mobile Phones into Sensor Networks
  16. Building Mobile Sensor Networks Using Smartphones and Web Services: Ramifications and Development Challenges
  18. Technology Trends - Smart Dust and Sensor Networks
  19. Tiny OS
  20. MicroStrain Sensing Systems: Wireless Sensors

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