Behind the scenes at #DoYourPartMason

Many at George Mason University contributed to the safe return to campus. Some, though, have flown under the radar.

Jennifer Monson 
Nurse Practitioner, Student Health Services 

Jennifer Monson wanted to be clear. In no way can you separate what she had done at Mason to help the Safe Return to Campus from what Student Health Services had done as a whole. 

So let’s use Monson as the template for all those who were so heavily involved in the set-up of Mason’s on-campus testing site at the Ángel Cabrera Global Center, and who continue to be an important part of keeping the community safe by providing high-quality patient care. 

“We’ve been cautiously optimistic throughout the semester,” Monson said of how Mason kept its COVID numbers relatively low heading into the Thanksgiving break and a pivot to virtual instruction. “We don’t want any cases, but we know that’s not realistic, but we’re feeling good about where we have come so far. And that’s a credit to the students as well. That’s not just on us.” 

The effort was constant, from finding the most evidence-based research from which to draw, to determining how best to work with those who are symptomatic, to helping figure out the best ways to maintain the personal protective equipment that is so important to protecting caregivers. 

“We’re trying to have a positive outlook and make sure that we are taking every precaution and doing everything necessary,” Monson said. “Student Health Services, as a whole, has done such an awesome job.”