Hylton Parking Lot Closure at SciTech Campus


The Hylton Parking Lot will be closed starting Sunday, July 17, to accommodate construction activity on campus. The entire lot will be closed for the next six weeks while crews complete the following activities:

  • Install a new permanent entrance to the parking lot adjacent to the Hylton Center
  • Install fencing around the perimeter of the construction site
  • Prepare for construction of the Life Sciences and Engineering Building (LSEB)

Disabled parking is available in both the Discovery and Tower lots. The new entrance into the rear of the Hylton Lot should open on or around September 1. However, parking will only be permitted in the last row of parking spaces during construction of the LSEB (approximately 20–24 months).

Occupants of the Institute for Advanced Biomedical Research (IABR) should park in the Discovery Lot until the opening of the new entrance into the back of the Hylton Lot. Hylton Center occupants should park in the Tower Lot during this period. 

The shuttle stop in the circle at the Hylton Center will continue to operate normally. 

View the SciTech Campus map for details. Contact Colby Grant, SciTech Operations, with questions.