Donna Fulton is June Employee of the Month

Once again, Donna Fulton is being recognized by George Mason University.

Fulton, a procurement officer for the School of Kinesiology, has been working at Mason since 2010, and this is her second time being named Employee of the Month. Her first time was in November 2012 while working at Mason’s biomedical lab. She is currently responsible for ensuring that staff and faculty in the School of Kinesiology have everything they need to do their jobs and support students.

“Let's be honest, state procurement is not exciting, but I do enjoy the challenges that come with it,” Fulton said. “It is especially rewarding to me when I can accomplish something that is important to my faculty. I like the fact that people depend on me and know that I will always do my best.”

Tiffany Sandstrum, the division coordinator for the School of Kinesiology, knows that well.

“I strongly believe that Donna embodies everything good about Mason and that without her our school would suffer greatly,” Sandstrum said. “I am fortunate to call Donna my co-worker.”

In 2019, the School of Recreation, Health and Tourism within the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) split into two units: the School of Kinesiology and the School of Sport, Recreation and Tourism Management. Fulton worked as the move coordinator for the new School of Kinesiology, a role in which she went above and beyond with her dedication and hard work.

“The task encompassed everything from faculty office, and meeting and classroom space reorganization, new office construction, interior design and development and installation of new school graphics and branding,” Fulton said. “It was really hard work, but in the end, everything came together. I really enjoyed the challenge.”

Fulton has a strong connection to Mason. She received a BA in business administration from the university in 1985. Her husband, Duane, is also a Mason grad (BS Accounting ’85) as is their son, Michael (BS Finance ’17). Their daughter, Erin, is in the College of Education and Human Development’s educational psychology master’s program.

How she got here:

I joined Mason as a staff member in 2010 and worked at National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases’ Biomedical Research Lab on the SciTech Campus. In 2016, I moved across the street to CEHD’s School of Recreation, Health and Tourism (now School of Kinesiology).

Best day on the job:

Every day is the best day if I feel I made a positive difference in some way. I really enjoy special projects and challenges. Being able to do something that I have never done before is very fulfilling to me. Also, I get to meet some really great people along the way.

What she likes best about working at Mason:

Over the past 12 months, there has been quite a bit of reorganization within our school and college. This reorganization has created many new challenges for everyone. The thing that I have enjoyed most is that our leadership has allowed all of us to have a voice in the reorganization and plan moving forward. All of us have our own expertise that we bring to the table and our leadership not only recognizes that, but also appreciates it.

What she does when not working:

My family is the most important part of my life. We recently moved to Fauquier County, so when I am not working I enjoy being outside, planting in my garden and taking long walks. The beach is also a favorite destination.