The Mason clock is back on Wilkins Plaza

The George Mason clock, a gift from the class of 1999, is back on Wilkins Plaza after a refurbishment.
Photo by Evan Cantwell/Creative Services

The iconic Mason clock, a gift to the university from the Class of 1999, was reinstalled on Tuesday at what will be the center of the expanded Wilkins Plaza next to Horizon Hall, after a top to bottom refurbishment by the clock’s manufacturer, Verdin.

The entire exterior of the clock was cleaned. It also has new scratch-resistant lenses. Best of all, though, the clock’s electronics were updated, meaning you will be able to trust the time displayed.

“They were replaced with modern digital controls that will automatically keep the clock on time without it having to be manually programmed,” said Steve Vollmer, assistant director of operations for Facilities Management.

Vollmer said he was unsure when the manufacturer would make the clock operational.