Ukraine Crisis Student Support Fund accepting applications for aid


In response to the growing need within the George Mason University community, the Student Support and Advocacy Center (SSAC) recently launched the application for the Ukraine Crisis Student Support Fund (UCSSF). The fund is available to Mason students from Ukraine and Russia who are experiencing financial challenges and hardships due to the ongoing war in Ukraine.

“The war has not only affected our students psychologically and emotionally, but also financially. Our international students from the region have in some cases been cut off from family support as their loved ones back home are fighting for survival,” Maggie Olszewska, SSAC director said. “My hope is that with the help of this fund they are able to stay at Mason, graduate and pursue careers in their field.”

Because the banking systems in Ukraine and Russia have been negatively impacted, many students need jobs on top of financial assistance. SSAC offers resource navigation to such campus partners as University Career Services, which can help with resume preparation and the job search, and International Programs and Services, which can assist international students with filing for work authorization.

In addition to financial assistance through UCSSF, students can also receive access to the Patriot Pantry, which provides nonperishable food and hygiene products. 

Most important, however, is the availability of counseling services. Olszewska said the impact of war and the uncertainty of what is happening with their family and friends back home will leave a permanent scar. Students can seek support at Counseling and Psychological Services or through the Center for Psychological Services Emotional Support Line.

"Even thought our students are safe physically, some may be living with trauma," she said." Students can and should seek out support services at Mason. Anyone who is worried about a student is encouraged to submit a referral."

UCSSF is made possible through the generous support of George Mason University and donors committed to helping students. If you would like to donate to UCSSF, click here.