Five reasons for students to work on campus

students working at the RAC
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When you’re looking for a job in college, the most important thing you need is flexibility. Working at George Mason University makes it easy to balance your classes with work. That’s why on campus jobs at Mason are great—we want you to focus on being a student first.

Did you know that working on campus can be one of the most memorable times of your college career? Mason’s Office of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) shares our top five reasons students should consider working on campus.

1. Flexibility

Campus positions are designed with student schedules in mind. Campus employers also know that life as a full-time student can get hectic with midterms, project deadlines and finals. Most positions at Mason offer flexibility to help you prioritize your school work. You can also  trade shifts with other student workers to ensure you have the necessary time to focus on your school work as well as participate in campus activities. To top it off, if you’re living on campus, your work commute is a breeze.

2. Boost your Resume

Students who work on campus end up building relevant skills that will serve them after graduation, such as balancing work life with school.

"On-campus employment is an accessible and enriching way for students to develop transferable skills, gain real-world experience, and successfully prepare for their careers."
—Janae D. Johnson, associate director of student employment and enrichment for the Office of University Branding.

3. Personal Satisfaction

Students who work on campus, in addition to earning a paycheck, say they have a more satisfying college experience and that they are more prepared for the future.

In my three years working in HRL, I have learned how to balance work and school while having fun at my job and making important connections. I have been able to build working relationships with professional staff. I have learned the importance of teamwork, which has helped me both in my classes and internships. I also made lifelong friends who I will always share these memories with, and I cannot thank HRL enough for giving me these opportunities and skills.”
—Sarah Rabinowitz,
community assistant, Housing and Residence Life

4. Stay Connected

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Whether you work at the University Libraries, as an IT assistant, in the dining halls, as a lifeguard, a campus tour guide, as a fitness receptionist, a videographer, or a graphic designer, working on campus helps students connect with students, faculty, and staff who might be outside of their field of study. Developing these relationships enriches students’ on-campus experience.

5. Develop Lifelong Friendships

Working on campus is a great way to meet new people. Like many on-campus employers, Housing and Residence Life is looking to hire student staff for the next academic year. Find out more here. HRL Student Staff applications opened on October 24, check out Handshake for more information.

Don't miss your chance to be a part of a community of leaders making a positive impact in the lives of Mason students every day! Check out all future positions on Handshake, and make an appointment with University Career Services to help with your resume and cover letter!

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