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Embedded Images, Topics, Share and Thumbnails

Embed an Image

Embedded images are secondary supporting images within the text of a news story.  Embedded images should be added after placing and formatting the text of the news story.  

Let's embed:

  • Place the cursor before the first character of fragment of text at the approximate place the photo should appear.  
  • Find and click the ‘E’ button in the Body textfield formatting toolbar
  • From the ‘Select Media to Embed’ pop-up window, click the ‘Upload’ tab
  • Use the File selector to upload the file > click the ‘Place’ button > select ‘Image’ 
    • A ‘Select media to embed’ pop-up window will display, add required display details here:

      • Alternative text* (see below):  describe the photo and it’s context in one sentence
      • Name:  a short descriptive name will make it easy to find in the media library
  • Confirm the ‘published’ checkbox is checked
  • Click the ‘Place’ button to move to the ‘Embed media’ pop-up window
  • On the ‘Embed media’ pop-up window:
    • Add a caption in the caption field
    • Please do not add anything to the SVG Images Attributes unless you are adding an SVG image. You most likely are not adding an SVG image.  

You will be returned to the main News Item entry screen and will see the image placed in the story

Topics, People Mentioned

Tagging is required.  Select, or add, at least one topic to your story.  When adding multiple tags, place a comma between each one.

People Mentioned
If your item mentions someone, there is an option to link to their bio

Share to Subscribing sites 

Type in the field to bring up a list of subscribing site sharing choices. When sharing to multiple sites, place a comma between each one.

If uploaded, the thumbnail will display on connected social media outlets and display next to the teaser text on news lists

Remember to ‘Save Layout’ at the top of the screen to finish.

News items take about an hour to display on the selected subscribing site due to system caching.