Student Research

Mason Student works on equipment in The Mix maker space
Start Your Own Business
Start Your Own Business

FedEx, Microsoft, Facebook, WordPress, Reddit, Google, Snapchat  ... these are just some of the companies started by student entreprenuers. Mason has makerspaces and programs designed to give you the tools to start an entrepreneurial venture while you're studying and conducting research here.

​Mason isn’t just another college; we’re a top research university. Our students learn from internationally known experts in state-of-the-art facilities. Professors incorporate their breakthroughs into classroom lessons and offer connections to a rich career network.

Faculty Impart a Love of Discovery

Faculty research gives Mason students the opportunity to learn more than theory. They don't just read about a process; they see results as they happen.

Mason faculty are lifelong learners on a quest for knowledge. Their research boosts professional excellence, improves the quality of their instruction, and can inspire students to expand on their work.

Academic research can take years to publish or be incorporated into textbooks, but the discoveries our professors make can be shared in the classroom instantly.

Our students are included in the excitement of a breakthrough and can look ahead to the impact such work will have on the world. They're thrilled to have been there at the beginning.

That's a lesson in critical thinking that homework and exams can't match.

Students Conduct Their Own Research

Mason offers undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity to conduct research and creative work across all disciplines.

You'll have the option of working on individual projects or joining an ongoing study with a professor, research center, or lab.

Students who conduct research improve their:

  • Problem-solving skills.
  • Understanding and knowledge of their field of study.
  • Confidence in their abilities.
  • Critical-thinking and time-management skills.
  • Likelihood of becoming a lifelong learner.
  • Career competitiveness.