Monique Sweeney is September Employee of the Month

Monique Sweeney. Photo provided

Monique Sweeney, administrative assistant for George Mason University’s School of Systems Biology (SSB), is known for her friendly presence and eagerness to support the Mason community.

“She has been one of the most dedicated, passionate, and positive employees in the SSB department,” said June Kang, a PhD candidate in bioinformatics and computational biology

For her hard work, Sweeney is September Employee of the Month.

“When I received the news that I was chosen as the September Employee of the Month, I was very surprised. I couldn’t stop smiling,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney, who has worked in SSB since August 2015, reinforces the Mason value of “our students come first” through her organization of many important student events for SSB, such as Student Research Day and Departmental Student Orientation, said Donald Seto, professor for SSB and director of the master’s program in bioinformatics and computational biology.

“I enjoy the opportunity to assist others. At the end of the day, I feel a satisfaction knowing that I was able to make a difference providing support to the students and my colleagues,” Sweeney said.   

Sweeney also provides customer service for students and faculty, prepares the monthly faculty meeting agenda and meeting minutes, prepares affiliate faculty contract letters, works on special projects as needed by the school, and assists with student services, including scheduling thesis defenses.

“It is not an overstatement to say that I would not be on the path to a PhD next year without Monique’s support,” said Megan Herceg, a PhD student in bioinformatics and computational biology. “Throughout the ups and downs of graduate school, Monique celebrated my successes, supported me during my failures, and challenged me to think of both in new ways.”

Sweeney’s colleagues shared how she is a real asset to SSB and Mason.

“It is not an overestimation to state that without her help, care, and thoughtfulness, the SSB as a unit will not run smoothly,” said Dmitri Klimov, professor for SSB and director of the PhD program in bioinformatics and computational biology.

How she got to Mason:

I was afforded the opportunity to work at Mason through a good friend of mine, who also works at the university. In August 2015, she informed me that there was a part-time position at the Sci-Tech Campus, and that I should consider applying for the position. I was a stay-at-home mom at the time, and her encouragement is what made me apply.

Best day on the job:

To see the satisfaction on the students’ face after providing service to them.

What she likes best about working at Mason:

I enjoy the autonomy and the support that is provided by my leadership. They motivate me and provide the necessary training needed to grow in my position. Also, I enjoy seeing the student diversity. Working with diverse students gives me the opportunity to interact with them and learn about their culture.

What she does when she’s not working: 

When I’m not working, I love spending quality time with my family and friends.