College Achieves Sponsored Program Milestone: Research Awards to Date Surpass Previous Year

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In the first three quarters of academic year 2022, the College of Health and Human Services has already exceeded its award totals from the previous year. 

The College is proud to announce that overall total sponsored awards for the academic year 2021-2022 have exceeded the last academic year by more than $1 million, with one quarter left to go in this academic year. So far, 51 awards totaling $7,963,301 have been received compared to $6,746,736 for the entire last year. There are many pending awards for the current quarter. Many of the awards are multi-year awards and provide funding to our faculty for longer periods of time than before. 

The College is also proud to announce that research expenditures have increased by 3.7% from the first three quarters of last academic year.   

 “Thank you to our faculty for their research and to the department chairs and leadership for supporting the research and sponsored training programs,” said Senior Associate Dean for Research Rosemary Higgins. “These research awards are in support of our faculty’s important research to improve the public’s health. Congratulations to all who have helped the College achieve this milestone.”