All Together Different

George Mason University has always been different. We think big and act with purpose—but we do so with our larger community in mind. Our bold approach to problem-solving and research creates immediate impact and real results. From inventing technologies for neurodiverse individuals, to anticipating future threats to the Chesapeake Bay, to inspiring students to break through preconceived boundaries—Mason is more than just a hub where ambition meets opportunity. We're home to a powerful community capable of accomplishing incredible things for our region and beyond. Read on to explore some of our stories.

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Zombie crab research and their effects on the Chesapeake Bay

It’s the stuff of nightmares and horror movies: Tiny estuarine mud crabs become infected with an invasive parasite that takes over their bodies and brains. But it isn’t fiction, and Mason’s team of researchers is learning more about these invaders and how they impact the ecology of our region.



Success Through Grit

Hakeem Oluseyi inspires Mason students with “hope, hustle, and help”

Professor Hakeem Oluseyi—an astrophysicist, cosmologist, inventor, educator, science communicator, author, actor, and humanitarian—attributes his unlikely rise from the pull of poverty and crime to his determination and the help of people around him, and he wants to pay it forward.



Real-world impact

With new smartwatch app, help can be as close as your wrist

George Mason University researchers Vivian Motti and Anya Evmenova are utilizing smartwatch capabilities to help neurodiverse individuals live more independent lives.

And defy expectations
Mason is the Nation's No. 4 ranked university for nontraditional students
Mason is the Nation's top university for military veterans
88% of Mason graduates with positive career outcomes
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