Degree Celebrations

Your college or school organizes and hosts your degree celebration, which is where you will be recognized by name and photographed on stage. 

  • All guests are welcome; tickets are not required at degree celebrations unless noted in the schedule below. 
  • All graduates are individually recognized and photographed on stage.
  • Celebrations include select speakers and performances.
  • Caps and gowns are worn.

Plan to arrive one hour before the start of your ceremony.  Follow signs to the graduates' lineup area. If weather permits, graduates will walk in a procession into the arena at the beginning of the ceremony. 

Main doors open for guests one hour prior to the ceremony. 

Graduates are encouraged to attend both the official university commencement ceremony and their college or school's degree celebration ceremony. 


2023 Spring Degree Celebrations

Times and locations may change. Please check back in May to confirm your celebration's location and time.

Thursday, May 18, 2023    

College of Humanities and Social Sciences I and SIS

View the Livestream

2:30 p.m. EagleBank Arena

College of Visual and Performing Arts*

View the Livestream

3:30 p.m. Concert Hall

College of Humanities and Social Sciences II

View the Livestream

6:30 p.m. EagleBank Arena
Friday, May 19, 2023    

College of Science

View the Livestream

10 a.m. EagleBank Arena

Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution

View the Livestream

11 a.m. Concert Hall

Schar School of Policy and Government

View the Livestream

2 p.m. EagleBank Arena

Antonin Scalia Law School*

View the Livestream

3 p.m. Concert Hall

College of Engineering and Computing

View the Livestream

6 p.m. EagleBank Arena
Saturday, May 20, 2023    

College of Education and Human Development

View the Livestream

10 a.m. EagleBank Arena

College of Public Health

View the Livestream

2 p.m. EagleBank Arena

School of Business

View the Livestream

6 p.m. EagleBank Arena

* - Tickets required. Please check in with your college or school for more information.

CHSS I: Humanities and Interdisciplinary Programs Degree Celebration

  • Art History (BA, MA) 

  • Communication (BA, MA, PhD) 

  • Creative Writing (BFA, MFA) 

  • Cultural Studies (PhD) 

  • English (BA, MA) 

  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies (BA) 

  • Foreign Languages (BA, MA) 

  • Global Affairs (BA, MA) 

  • Higher Education and Student Development (MA) 

  • History (BA, MA, PhD) 

  • Human Development and Family Science (BA) 

  • Individualized Study (BIS) 

  • Integrative Studies (BA, BS) 

  • Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS) 

  • Latin American Studies (BA) 

  • Linguistics (PhD) 

  • Middle East and Islamic Studies (MA) 

  • Philosophy (BA, MA) 

  • Religious Studies (BA) 

  • Russian and Eurasian Studies (BA) 

  • Writing and Rhetoric (PhD) 

CHSS II: Social Sciences Degree Celebration

  • Anthropology (BA, MA) 

  • Applied Industrial and Organizational Psychology (MPS) 

  • Criminal Justice (MS) 

  • Criminology, Law and Society (BA, BS, MA, PhD) 

  • Economics (BA, BS, MA, PhD) 

  • Psychology (BA, BS, MA, PhD) 

  • Sociology (BA, MA, PhD) 


Accessibility Details

EagleBank Arena

Handicapped-accessible parking is available in Lot A of EagleBank Arena, closest to the South Entrance.

Guests requiring special assistance may be seated with one companion guest in easy-access sections of EagleBank Arena.

Ushers will be available in the lobby to assist those requiring handicapped and special-assistance seating.

Accessible seating is near the portal entrances with clear views of commencement proceedings. 

Center for the Arts

Handicapped-accessible parking for the Center for the Arts Concert Hall is directly in front of the hall on Mason Pond Drive on the Fairfax Campus

Lobby ushers in the Center for the Arts Concert Hall will assist guests requiring accessible seating for Degree Celebrations.