Renewed Vision Series begins with conversation on policing reform

Vision Series Lum

This semester the Office of the Provost will renew the Mason Vision Series, a monthly forum to showcase exemplary real-world research and scholarship that takes place every day on George Mason University campuses.

The series presents an opportunity for invited Mason faculty members to share the frontiers of their work in an accessible style that also inspires lively discussion among students, faculty, staff, and the wider reaches of the community. Under the initial leadership of former Mason provost Peter Stearns, the original program ran from Fall 2011 through Spring 2014 and featured speakers at in-person events on all three Mason campuses.

Provost Mark Ginsberg chose to renew the Mason Vision Series in an effort to feature crucial research by Mason faculty that is consequential and has an impact on life in our region, throughout the nation and across the world.

“The world rapidly is changing and our faculty are continuously on the forefront, leading the generation of knowledge and associated best practices that will impact millions of lives in a variety of areas,” Provost Mark Ginsberg said. “Some research that our faculty conducts, however, does not often get the attention of the public, yet their work is at the core of many critical issues facing our country. The purpose of the Mason Vision Series is to share information and expand a dialogue among the Mason community and others locally, nationally and internationally.”

The Spring 2021 Semester kickoff event will be held on Monday, Feb. 22, and features Cynthia Lum, professor of criminology, law and society and director of the Center for Evidence-Based Crime Policy, who will address “A Vision for American Policing Reform.” In her presentation, Lum will discuss her vision for reinventing American policing. Reflecting on many contemporary law enforcement challenges, she will argue that re-envisioning policing will require police officers and leaders to take a more scientific and intellectual approach to match the complexities and demands of both the profession and the communities for which they are accountable.

“I’m honored to be given the opportunity to share ideas with the Mason community through the Mason Vision Series,” said Lum. “Policing reform is an issue that has impacted the nation for decades and will continue to do so in the future. How we approach reform today will shape how police agencies view their roles, mandates, and relationships with the communities they serve.”

The Mason Vision Series will be live-streamed through GMU-TV at 7 p.m. Feb. 22. Individuals will have the opportunity to participate and engage in the discussion by submitting questions via email ( or Twitter by using #VisionSeriesMason. To RSVP, click here.