Economic Recovery in Ukraine during and after war - Dean Özerdem on Pritzker's appointment in the Kyiv Independent

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In an article by the Kyiv Independent, Dean Alpaslan Özerdem reacts to the selection of Penny Pritzker to lead the U.S. efforts in the economic recovery of Ukraine. The article by Elsa Court, published on September 18, 2023, is entitled, Who is Penny Pritzker, new US special representative for Ukraine's economic recovery?

Excerpt from the article:

Starting the job in the middle of the war means that Pritzker is taking on a challenge that "few would envy," said Dr. Alpaslan Özerdem, dean at the Carter School for Peace and Conflict Resolution and expert on post-conflict reconstruction.

"She will need to connect many dots to build sustainable momentum in the economic recovery of Ukraine both before and after the war's end," Özerdem told the Kyiv Independent.

Her experience in philanthropy will come in useful, Özerdem believes, not least because "war-affected communities appreciate the sensitive approach of empathy, passion, and solidarity" that experienced philanthropists can bring.

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