'Greetings from Fairfax' mural builds town-gown connections

The 'Greetings from Fairfax' mural depicts a map of Fairfax City, with illustrations of important landmarks. The photo shows the mural on the exterior side wall of a restaurant
Photo by Sophie Bae/Mason Exhibitions

As a result of a grant awarded by the Virginia Tourism Corporation, the Fairfax City Economic Development Authority commissioned Murals at Mason to install a mural highlighting landmarks and experiences in Fairfax, Virginia. Greetings from Fairfax, by Mason alum Lecsi Pillar, is located at Point 50 shopping center. 

Fairfax City Mayor Catherine Read speaks at the unveiling of the Greetings from Fairfax mural. She is holding a microphone and next to her is artist Lecsi Pillar
Photo by Sophie Bae/Mason Exhibitions

Fairfax City Mayor Catherine Read (pictured at center, above) was present at the unveiling. “Buildings like this can help to represent what a vibrant, dynamic community Fairfax City is,” said Read. “[It is] a celebration of the things that make Fairfax City unique." See more photos of the mural.