Study Abroad

Financial Aid is available for students studying abroad in programs approved for credit at George Mason University. The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive depends on the cost of your program. Students should schedule an appointment to meet with their Financial Aid Counselor when considering studying abroad. Your Financial Aid Counselor will go over your options and discuss how financial aid may be used for study abroad. Bring your study abroad program’s budget sheet to your appointment.


  • Center for Global Education - This is a valuable resource and where you can see not only a list of programs and cost breakdowns, but also get information on who you can contact about specifics dealing with your trip.  You can also review their site to compare different programs and find paperwork like Budget Sheets.
  • Financial Aid (Contact Us) - When thinking about attending or applying to a Study Abroad program, be sure to contact us directly to request an appointment to speak with your financial aid counselor.