Study Abroad

Financial Aid is available for students studying abroad in programs approved for credit at George Mason University.

How do I know what aid I will receive?

The amount of financial aid you are eligible to receive depends on several factors, including:

  • The cost of your program
  • The amount of credit hours attending
  • Your overall eligibility of financial aid 

Students should schedule an appointment to meet with their Financial Aid Counselor when considering studying abroad. Your Financial Aid Counselor will go over your options and discuss how financial aid may be used for study abroad.

Students will need to provide the following during their appointment:

Email to request a meeting.

How is my aid processed?

  • Once students are accepted and commit to their programs, GEO provides a roster of all students attending a program to OSFA.
  • With that information, OSFA updates each student’s aid for their trip and add holds to prevent aid from paying too early. 
    • For holds: 

      • Financial aid cannot pay until at minimum 10 days before the program is set to begin (if the program starts after Mason’s semester start date in the fall and spring). 
      • If in summer, the hold date will be listed as the first date a student attends a course or program in that summer semester to ensure compliance is met with federal regulations regarding Title IV aid.
Remember: things like your flight and other non-billable items related to your experience abroad are something to consider paying out of pocket as the timing of financial aid disbursements and refunds may not be timely for your program.