International Transfer Requirements

As Virginia’s most diverse university, we proudly welcome transfer students who represent all origins, identities, ideologies, and circumstances. This includes students from 130 different countries.

The Admissions Committee considers each transfer application individually, reviewing all grades received in courses attempted as well as the rigor of the applicant’s academic program. There are certain requirements for all international transfer applicants.

What You Need to Apply

  • Verification of English language proficiency

  • An essay

    • Although optional, applicants are encouraged to use the essay to provide information about their background that can’t be gleaned from a resume.

  • Resume for any applicant with gaps in enrollment

    • Although optional, applicants are encouraged to submit a resume to provide information about their background that may not be on their transcripts or essay.

Applicants to Mason who have attempted college courses at other institutions are required to disclose their complete academic enrollment history in the admission application. Mason reserves the right to revoke admission or disenroll students who fail to indicate all previous institutions attended on the admission application.

Transfer applicants who have fewer than 24 hours of earned university-level credit must meet both freshman and transfer admission requirements. These applicants must also submit a final secondary-school transcript.